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Mountain bikes, also known as MTB, are designed for off-road cycling across rough terrain such as 'single track', dirt roads, unpaved environments, fire trails, rocks and washouts. Mountain bikes are built to last the stresses and strains of off-road use with features such as wide knobbly tires, disc brakes, front and/or rear suspension. Like 4WD cars, there are many models of mountain bikes to suit varying degrees of off-road use, from inner city recreational to very rugged. The three main categories of mountain bikes are based on frame design: Hard Tail, Dual Suspension and 29ers.

Hardtail bikes are mountain bikes with no rear suspension. They are the fastest cross country bikes - more responsive, more efficient up hills and the lightest mountain bikes available. Featuring less complex designs these bikes are less expensive. This means not only do you get better components for the same price, they are easier to maintain as there is less to go wrong.

Dual suspension bikes, commonly referred to as 'dualies', are a form of off-road bike that has front and rear suspension with varying degrees of travel. Travel refers to the amount of movement in the suspension system; the shorter the travel the firmer the ride and the longer the travel the softer the ride. Short travel bikes are more efficient up hills and on moderate terrain. Long travel bikes are better suited for descending. The movement in the suspension improves contact with the ground, which gives the rider more control. The rougher the terrain the longer the travel needed.

Dual suspension bikes give you the most comfortable ride. This is more important the rougher the terrain and the longer the ride. However, this comfort and descending performance comes at a price. The rear suspension absorbs a percentage of your energy reducing forward momentum: the longer the travel the higher this percentage.

29ers are mountain bikes that have larger wheels with an outside diameter of about 29 inches. Regular mountain bike wheels have a diameter of 26 inches. Enthusiasts of the larger 29 inch wheel claim reduced rolling resistance, increased stability, better roll over obstacles and an improved fit for taller riders. 29ers offer the rider more comfort than a 26inch bike without the energy loss of a dually.

Cycle City has a wide range of mountain bikes from inner city recreational models to rugged, go anywhere machines. For competition use, our top models have carbon fibre frames which make them incredibly rigid and amazingly light.

So if you are thinking about mountain biking come along and look at our extensive range and talk to our knowledgeable staff.