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Want a bike with attitude and personality? Lifestyle bikes cover a wide range of fun bikes to suit your lifestyle. Look for more comfort with funky designs, bright colours, or retro image.

European Style
European countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark have adopted the bicycle as preferred transport around town. One of the lifestyle bikes that Cycle City stocks is the Dutch designed Lekker. The soft saddle and grips of the Lekker classic town bike comes with the quality finish and design expected of the fine Dutch biking tradition.

Fixed Wheel
A fixed wheel bike has no freewheel which means that the bike cannot 'coast'. When the bike is moving the pedals will always be in motion due to the sprocket being screwed directly to the hub. Fixed wheel bikes can be stopped without the use of an attached braking system; riders resist the rotation of the cranks or ride in reverse in order to brake. Today, the demand for fixed wheel bikes has been driven by a fashion trend generally seen as led by bicycle messengers in inner city areas. Most of these bikes can be easily converted to single speed bikes for those less adventurous. Single speed bikes allow the rider to 'coast' and use a hand break to slow down or stop.