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People new to the cycling world may be surprised by the variety of bikes on offer: bikes designed for enthusiasts, comfort, on-road and off-road, mountain, downhill, fixed gear and single speed, specialist bikes that are handmade, and bikes for children of all ages. Come to Cycle City and see them all. Our staff are dedicated to help you find that special bike to suit your needs. They are all professional bike mechanics and enthusiastic riders. Cycle City staff know their bikes - they all build them! - and can ensure your new bike is a perfect fit.

Can't find what you're looking for 'off the shelf'? Don't worry Cycle City can cater for you. We can custom build a bike to your specifications.

All bikes come with a warrantee and three months free service.

Cycle City stocks bikes specifically designed for women because we know that many women cannot be comfortable on a man's bike. If your current bike does not feel right talk to our staff about having it remodelled or consider a new one and check out our in-store range.